Photograph Competition. Entry 6

The benchmark is getting higher…
“Marginalised in Nepal”

In preparation to volunteering, I attended a crash course in “community organising/CO”…
In the Philippines, NGOs/INGOs term for the marginalized is PDO, meaning: poor, deprived, oppressed — and description is: woman, ugly, dark skin, unschooled…
Here in Nepal, my placement is with Dalit… I believe they are the poor in Nepal — especially if one is a woman (it is double jopardy!)
Positive characteristics of the poor:
1.  The poor are hardworking
2.  The poor is persistent
3.  The poor have their own innate intelligence and wisdom
4.  The poor have a lot of experiences in solving problems on a daily basis
5.  The poor’s power is in their number’

Alicia Pedraya-Roxas

VSO Volunteer/OD Adviser

Dalit Welfare Organization

Dharan, Sunsari District


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