Annual Volunteer Conference 2012

Hello all

Below are a number of resources (and the name of the person presenting this) that were used during the presentations on our volunteer conference in Tansen. It was great to get to know/ see again all of you and on behalf of STEPS we will try everything we can to make sure that we will have a conference next year as well. please let us know if there are specific resources you are looking for as we are still collecting some of them,



How to make chocolate mousse in 10 minutes (Jimi)

VSO Nepal strategy update (Arlene)

Livelihood program update (Khadaga)

Health program update (Smriti)

Education program update (Raj)

Education program annual review (Raj)

Environment & Climate change (Eva)

Effective communication (Beth)

Gender Assessment Framework (Hannah)Volunteer feedback AVC 2012

CIDA Gender Equality Toolkit (Hannah)

CIDA Framework for Gender Equality and Results (Hannah)

How to keep a hula hoop around your waist (Lula)

Volunteer feedback AVC 2012 (STEPS)


First Aid Workshop presentation (Willeke)

Challenges in education development in Nepal (Beth)


We also kept the main resources from the 2011 AVC available below.

Change Process. (EagleRebirth):  Ashish (PDF)

Change Process. (Eagle Rebirth): Ashish (Power Point)

Earthquake Session. (PDF)

EC Presentation (Word Doc)

Organisational Development Presentation:  Ashish & Innocent (Power Point)

Organisational Development Presentation:  Ashish & Innocent (PDF)

Team Building & Leadership: Ashish (Power Point)

Team Building & Leadership: Ashish (PDF)

VSON. PCD Training Report. (PDF)

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