Load Shedding Timetables

For those of you already in Nepal, you know all about load shedding. For those of you reading from afar, and just about to embark on your journey with VSO, here’s the lowdown.

Nepal is currently subject to load shedding, an intentionally-engineered electrical power outage. This is a last-resort measure used by an electric utility company in order to avoid a total blackout of the power system. They are usually in response to a situation where the demand for electricity exceeds the power supply capability of the network. They generally result from two causes: insufficient generation capacity or inadequate transmission infrastructure to deliver sufficient power to the area where it is needed.

Schedules are made available reasonably regularly, and as far as I know the ones  published online by Republica are pretty accurate, and seem to get updated within a reasonable time period. (They are certainly fine for my placement area of Banepa).

Latest Load Shedding Schedules here

As ever, if you know differently or have a better source of information, let us know…

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One response to “Load Shedding Timetables

  • Nirnit Tandukar

    You can Get it Fast n Very first Updated in Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)’s Website: http://www.nea.org.np
    In Top Right side of the Website There is a Notice Board and in that list there is a “LOAD SHEDDING SCHEDULE”

    Note: But That Schedule is in .pdf format 🙂 You need to install Adobe Reader to View That.

    Thank You!!

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