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Useful information…a reader writes!!

First response to the request for useful information comes from Sunny Jun in Dhangadhi.

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Anyway, here’s Sunny’s ‘handy hints’

  1. Use your VSO card on buses to get discount. You can get as much as 50% off on your local transportation all across Nepal, including Kathmandu.  I’ve taken the bus from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur and got 50% off with the VSO card. In Dhangadhi, I take my bike on the bus and they charge me for the bike and myself but I get 50% off with my VSO card so I only pay 20 rupees.  Getting 20 rupees off doesn’t seem much but it all adds up when you ride the bus every day.
  2. Buying a stabilizer for your fridge and laptop/computer is important.  It’ll make your laptop battery last longer. Without a stabilizer, your battery will be reduced to lasting only 30 min after 5-6 months in Nepal.
  3. If you like baking, buy a ‘miracle oven’ from Sanepa, Kathmandu for (around) 700 rupees. You can make all sorts of baked goods with it on the stove top.  It’s a round pot-like metal pot that you can put on top of the gas top and it won’t burn your baked goods … ( Of course, if you live in Kathmandu, you (may) have the luxury of being able to buy an oven. But if you are outside of Kathmandu, it may be difficult to get one on a VSO allowance).
Room for a small bike on top? John Callaway 2010

Room for a small bike on top? John Callaway 2010

…and so it goes!

Thanks Sunny