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Nepal’s Drift

Interesting overview of the current relationships between Nepal, India and China.

“…Flanked by India to the south, east and west and China to the north, the Himalayan nation has historically acted as a buffer state. The majestic mountains form a natural barrier between Nepal and China. But an assertive China, having arrived on the global stage with a bang, is leaving its footprints all over South Asia, nowhere more prominently than in Nepal. In building roads, investing in hydropower and telecoms, and signing multibillion-dollar aid packages, China is often treading on India’s toes in Nepal—and its increasing geopolitical influence in the region is making India anxious. With both countries competing for Nepal’s attention, there is a consensus in Kathmandu that the country must take advantage of the newly-ardent courtship”. …

Deepak Adhikari. [The Caravan: 1 March 2012]

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(…the magazine is a pretty good read too…)