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Country Strategic Plan Timeline

Because we like diagrams… (Click image to enlarge)

PDF version available here

CSP timeline

CSP timeline


Country Strategic Plan. (Please give us your views)

Hello all

The program office is busy at the moment in developing the country specific plan, as Arlene and Eva updated us on during the last AVC.  Besides the research and strategic directions that VSO international is moving in, we are also interested to hear your voice and opinion. We have developed a survey of 10 questions that will give you the chance to provide advice and feedback from the ground reality of the VSO Nepal placements. We would like to ask you to take 5 minutes to help us collecting all the opinions, ideas and suggestions so that we can compile this all and give it to the program office in order to inform them during the further development. At this moment, the outcomes of the plan are depending on a number of things, so our survey will not decide the course that the strategic plan is taking, but it will give us a chance to advice the program office what to think about during that course. The outcomes of the survey will be presented on the STEPS blog on the special CSP page where you can read all the developments regarding the country strategic plan. And to make things a little more exciting, we will draw 2 names from all the people that participate in the survey (we will only look who has completed the survey, but your choices are anonymous) and they will win a 3 course dinner and a cocktail or a drink in the Red Dingo restaurant in Kathmandu(including transport from- and to the PGH, one of the best restaurants in town!

Follow this link to complete the survey

Enjoy and thank you for participating


Working towards an end product.... Linda Ris 2011

Working towards an end product.... Linda Ris 2011