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So, here we go. The first post on the new blog of STEPS Nepal. Very definitely a work in progress, and something that hopefully will be of ongoing use to VSO volunteers currently working in Nepal. The aim is to make this a resource that volunteers can use, and hopefully contribute to. It will also become the repository for much of the information that currently gets sent out by e mail, and which inevitably gets buried in our respective inboxes!!

A familiar sight outside the PGH, Kathmandu... John Callaway 2010

A few things to start off with…

On the right you’ll notice a series of links to sites relevant to each of the PAPs, (Education; Governance; HIV/AIDS). This is by no means exhaustive, and suggestions for inclusion will be added if you forward them on.

There is also a space for current blogs to be added as links. If you would like your blog included here, get in touch. (Just be mindful of the content!!)

If there are things that you want  to share with the wider VSO community here in Nepal, send them in…examples of good practice, tips for ‘surviving’ your placement, practical advice, photographs etc.

Over to you for now.

E mail address:  asteps@ymail.com