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Photo Competition-last chance…

So…we have six entries at the moment, and it is April in 2 days time! Last date for entries is Thursday 31 March, after which some form of cunning voting system will be devised in time for an award of Oscar type proportion at the AVC.

So…if you really do want to thank your cat/Nepali landlady/fifth grade art teacher or whatever for encouraging your creativity as you regale your fellow volunteers with tearful and emotional stories about how your first camera was always really special….you haven’t got long.

Best wishes



Photograph Competition. Entry 6

The benchmark is getting higher…
“Marginalised in Nepal”

In preparation to volunteering, I attended a crash course in “community organising/CO”…
In the Philippines, NGOs/INGOs term for the marginalized is PDO, meaning: poor, deprived, oppressed — and description is: woman, ugly, dark skin, unschooled…
Here in Nepal, my placement is with Dalit… I believe they are the poor in Nepal — especially if one is a woman (it is double jopardy!)
Positive characteristics of the poor:
1.  The poor are hardworking
2.  The poor is persistent
3.  The poor have their own innate intelligence and wisdom
4.  The poor have a lot of experiences in solving problems on a daily basis
5.  The poor’s power is in their number’

Alicia Pedraya-Roxas

VSO Volunteer/OD Adviser

Dalit Welfare Organization

Dharan, Sunsari District